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I have been with Veetel for almost a year on Regional 3. Great service and Great value for money for me..

Vaka from QLD

Yes i am now connected to Veetel and im impressed.

I changed to Veetel due to Exetel increasing there prices by about $30 per month in November 2012. And here is my experience with Veetel so far:

old connection speed 5.5mbps down and 0.98mbps up (pretty standard regional ADSL2+)

Connection time was relatively quick my ADSL 2+ service which is a regional service was ported from Extetel to Veetel in 3 working days without issue.

I did have a significant issue with speed dropping down to near dial up speed the day after my port commenced which was resolved via performing a factory restart on my modem router and re configuring the new settings however resulted in variable speeds of about 68kbps to 6mbps then back down to 68kbps.

I called Veetel support and lodged a ticket (All Veetel support and communications have been with Australians don't have any overseas communications at all to my knowledge). The next day i had a technician contact me from the exchange advising me he had just allocated me to a new port and to reboot my modem when i get home from work.

Low and behold when i got home i rebooted and when i got my modem back online my connection was stable and fast again and back to the same speeds i received when i was with Exetel 6mbps down and 0.98 mbps up with a 26ms ping to servers in Sydney.

Soon after about 5 working days my Fixed phone line was ported to Veetel and went perfect no issue at all.

Also they have the cheapest call rates among all other telcos i have had in the past Telstra and Exetel.

Since the port from Exetel to Veetel i have been using the service fairly intesnely over the past 8 months and i dont have a bad thing to say about it any teething problems where sorted out in the first week.

Communication is brilliant (probably due to the fact they are small and actually read your emails correctly when you advise sync speeds and line tests etc they don't ignore facts you send them like Exetel would).

Also cost they are significantly cheaper then pretty much any other provider for the regional area especially since Telstra just raised prices for ADSL 2+ connections in a Region 3 zone.
Currently i pay $59.90 per month for the phone and internet bundle. Unlimited internet as-well (p.s. i stream Foxtel to my 360 in high quality all month for hours and hours on end and chew up a good 500gb to 1 tb per month in downloads with steam and Playstation Plus and foxtel on 360).

So in the end i pay $77 per month for unlimited internet and line rental and phone.

If i stayed on Exetel i would of been charged $96 per month for 200GB ADSL 2+ and line rental and phone.

In short Veetel is a excellent company and represent good value for money. They are what Exetel was about 5 years ago.

micbrc From NSW

Just to say you guys ‘rock’. Unlike Telstra who do not. At 4 am my connection peaked at 16 mbps. The Telstra backbone is so overloaded that at 6pm it was 4 mbps. Average was 12 which is cool. Will be spreading the news of your customer service.

Thanks a lot.

Ellie from QLD


Well from all the updates I have had to do, the connection has been performing very well with an average download rate of 350-400 Kbs/sec and hit peaks of 600-700 kbs/sec.

Karl emailed me again this morning to follow up and see if I had any issues.

I am very pleased with Veetel's service, follow up and performance. Well done Karl thanks for all your help.

I can only recommend Veetel from my experience and everyone should make their own minds up, but I am very satisfied.

Ben from Tasmania


Just signed up with VeeTel on the ADSL2+ Offnet 100GB Bundle including home phone going from another provider. for the same plan on previous it was going to cost me $90.00 as im classed as Regional. a saving of over $20.00 per month with VeeTel.

Only took them 3 days to transfer the home phone. Lost the internet yesterday but i have been told that the internet should be transferred today :) so i guess previous provider has cancelled my contract.

Things to note:
I was going to pay the $100 no contract fee rather than signing up for 0$ on a 24 month contract but there is only a $100 get out fee anyway so i went for the contract.Also note that the support is not 24hours, they are extended business hours (8:30am-8pm) + weekends (10am-5pm). which isn't an issue for me.So far they have been fantastic.

Vinnie from VIC